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No. 5 Cartridge Kodak (1898)

The name 'Cartridge Kodak' refers to the daylight loading film spool, that looks a bit like a gun cartridge. Daylight loading cameras were something new in the last half of the 1890's, so it was not unwise to let the potential buyer know that this was a daylight loading apparatus.

There are three sizes of Cartridge Kodaks, the No. 3, 4 and 5, the last one being the largest with a picture size of 5 x 7 inch (12.5 x 17.5 cm). It is the largest daylight loading Kodak rollfilm camera.

The No. 5 Cartridge Kodak was introduced in 1898 and discontinued in 1907. The early models from 1898 until 1901 had wooden front panels; the later models from January 1901 onwards had metal front panels. About 17,500 were made.

Its price ranged from $ 35 (with Rapid Rectilinear lens and Eastman Triple Action shutter) to $ 105 for a model with a Bausch & Lomb Zeiss Tessar and Volute shutter.

French manual for the first model of the No. 5 Cartridge Kodak.

Sample photo of the results that could be obtained with the No. 5 Cartridge Kodak.